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Property For Sale By Owner Guide

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    Declutter your home and yard

    Curb appeal is critical. If a potential buyer is standing out on your sidewalk or driveway, your home has 2–5 seconds to attract them in. 

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    Repairs and Improvement

    Go to or Oakville Listings see how an updated home is visually appealing. Then, based on your budget, hire a professional contractor to update the areas where it needs improvement. Most people look at the kitchen, bathrooms and living room.

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    Hire a home staging consultant

    This is a must. A Home Staging Specialist will bring creative eyes to help you market your home. You can hire them at an hourly rate or based on the project. Staging enables house buyers to imagine their lives living in your home. Think of Ikea; do they need to set up a showroom for the bathroom, kitchen and so on? Find a staging company.

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    Obtain a professional photographer

    Don't skip this task by using your DSLR camera or smartphone. Hire a photographer who has done pictures for Realtors®. They have an eye for telling a story with pictures.

  • 5

    Price it right the first time

    This is a crucial step since you're not working with a realtor. You don't want to short change yourself or put your house on the market so high that potential buyers won't even look at your listing. Obtain a free comparative market analysis, a.k.a CMA,  of your home. Make sure to price your home in the market. You can also look at similar properties for sale online and then price your property accordingly. For example, if your home is in Westmount, Oakville, then only look at this neighbourhood and the properties for sale closest to your home. We offer free CMA. Find out how much your home is worth? Home Evaluation.

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    Maximum Exposure for your home

    You can list your home on the MLS® without a realtor; however, there may be a fee, so check out Also, market your home using social media like Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and these online classified; Kijiji, and Craigslist. Also, don't forget a lawn sign.

  • 7

    Open house and showings

    Get your home ready for the public open house. Typical showing hours are between two and four in the afternoon on the weekend. Showing requests may come any time, so be prepared to let them in. During the showings, point out the features and talk about the benefits of living in your home. Moreover, have someone else with you as you're inviting total strangers into your home.

  • 8

    Purchase Offer

    This is an important step. This step requires an expert because some risks are involved. I'd highly recommend you to hire a Real Estate Lawyer to negotiate on your behalf and work out the terms and conditions. Delegate this task to a professional.

  • 9


    The same lawyer will be able to convey and close the real estate deal for you, as stated in step 8.

  • 10

    Possession and move out

    Before closing, you may want to start moving your belongings at least two to three weeks prior. This will be an excellent time to let your utility companies know you're moving. Before you transfer your keys to the lawyer, have the house cleaned and in moving condition unless stated otherwise on the Agreement of Purchase and Sale. Out of courtesy, touch base with the new owners and see if everything is okay.

If selling your home on your own isn’t for you, or you have tried and didn’t work, then let us know how we can help. Have a no-hassle, stress-free experience through your neighbourhood specialist and Oakville Realtor®.


Need a free CMA for your home?  House evaluation

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